Composite Manufacturing and Nesting Software

Nesting, material location/life/consumption tracking and order management software for composite manufacturers.

Composite nesting benchmark

Improving nesting efficiency alone by 1-2% can often pay for a system in a matter of months, before you even take into account savings in machine runtime and staff programming time.

Complete the form on the right to request a FREE nesting benchmark comparison. We'll ask you to send us your best nest along with the DXFs of included plies and any constraints, and we'll provide a comparison. You can then calculate (based on your annual material consumption) an approximate saving.

How much is a 1% material saving for you per year?


Composite material nest

World-class award-winning nesting software, supporting virtually every CNC punch/profiling available today. Fully interactive, with tight integration to MRP for full 'turn-key' automation and an ROI often measured in months or even weeks.


Composites material location and life tracking and job scheduling software

Track location, life and consumption of pre-preg composite material from delivery, through the freezer and onto the shop floor, right down to ply level. Automate CAD import, nesting, material selection and nest scheduling, with full traceability reports in an instant. Industry 4.0 IoT database platform.

JETCAM Orders Controller

Composite order management and cad import automation software

Automate your JETCAM nesting system with drag and drop CAD import and nesting, DXF splitting, static nest ordering, costing, and more.


Free CAD viewer software

A simple, lightweight and free CAD viewer software that can also view JETCAM JGF component files.


Free CAD viewer software

Built into JOC Premium, and now free for all customers under maintenance, the CAD Splitter can split DXF nests in seconds.

Free white papers

When nesting efficiency is only part of the story

white paper on nesting efficiency

Our latest white paper explores balancing material efficiency against kitting on the shop floor. Many of the savings made by efficient nests can be offset by the time it then takes to unload them for kitting. This white paper explains and demonstrates different nesting strategies that allow you to find the perfect balance of efficiency against time. Read it free online now.

Guide to pre-preg composite manufacturing

Guide to pre-preg composite material manufacturing software

Read our white paper on how software can streamline the process of working with life-based materials such as pre-preg composites, tapes, etc,. Includes details on common problems in the composite manufacturing industry, static versus just in time dynamic nesting, and how to de-skill complex CAD and nesting processes.