DXF Splitter

One-click splitting of DXF nests.

DXF Splitter within JETCAM Orders Controller

Split complex DXF nests into separate DXF files in seconds

JETCAM's DXF Splitter is built right into JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Premium and Premium Automation, and provides an extremely fast way of splitting a DXF nest into separate component files, ready for importing into JETCAM Expert.

DXF Profiles


Suitable for both sheet metal and composite parts, the DXF splitter is configurable, with the ability to save a profile for each configuration. So if customers supply different configuration nests you can save unique parameter settings for each.

DXF Splitting rules

Layer Rules

DXFs often contain multiple layers, some of which may not include any relevant information for tooling/profiling or nesting. Comprehensive layer rules can be set for each profile, allowing you to specify if a layer contains components, marking or should be ignored altogether.

DXF nest split properties

Output File Properties

You have complete control over the output file properties. If the DXF nest includes text within the component this can be used for the CAD file name, or you can manually rename each part. You can also specify a revision number. Assemblies can also be created automatically.

DXF nest vector view

Vector views

Whether you are selecting a nest or component the vector view on the left gives you instant visual confirmation of the process. Pan and zoom using the mouse to quickly navigate complex nests.