Sheet metal and composite manufacturing software

Automation software for sheet metal and composite manufacturing companies.

With over three decades of experience in the composite and sheet metal industries, JETCAM has support for virtually every CNC 2D cutting machine available today. We also work with many machine tool and automation vendors to develop integration. Please select one of the following industries:

Composites Manufacturing Software

Composites Software

Composite Cutting Software

Software for tracking the life, location and consumption of raw and cut materials, nesting, scheduling and traceability reporting.

Composites Manufacturing Software

Sheet Metal Software

Sheet Metal Fabrication nesting and automation Software

Software for nesting, programming, scheduling and tracking for sheet metal fabrication.

Line Automation Software

JETCAM creates off-the-shelf or bespoke line automation solutions for both the sheet metal and composite manufacturing sectors, tightly integrated with the nesting and NC code generation processes.

Line automation software

CNC technologies supported

CNC Punch press nesting software


CNC Laser nesting software


CNC combination machine nesting software


CNC waterjet nesting software


CNC Knife cutter nesting software

Sonic Knife

CNC plasma/Oxyfuel software

Plasma / Oxyfuel

CNC router software


CrossTrack for composite material life tracking


Estimate how much nesting software can save

JETCAM Expert delivers a demonstrable return on investment in three key areas. Use our free online calculator to estimate how much you could save. Request a free nesting benchmark comparison get get a percentage saving.


Designed for automation

Our philosophy when developing products and specific functionality is to design around full automation while allowing for interaction at every stage. For example, with JETCAM Expert you can perform automated tasks such as CAD import and tooling, but modify the tooling at a later stage. With CrossTrack you can maintain traceability when real-world situation occur, such as parts being scrapped. With experience dating back to 1986 JETCAM understands the manufacturing process, with many of our own staff having worked in production environments.