Machine Tool Vendor Partner Program

Software automation products for your customers.

By partnering with JETCAM machine tool vendors can offer their customers a fully-automated CADCAM and nesting system that can also drive existing machine and integrate tightly with ERP/MES systems. Below are just some of the benefits of our partnership program.

Mature products

JETCAM was founded in 1986, so our products are mature, stable and well-supported around the world with a large existing customer base.

Wide CNC support

With over 400 postprocessors covering punch, laser, combi, plasma, oxy-fuel, waterjet, routing and knife cutting, JETCAM is a one-stop shop to drive virtually any machine.

Fast Post Development

Our postprocessor development is managed by our technical support team, not development, so new posts can be created and modified quickly.

Close contact

We can work closely alongside you with prospective customers, demonstrating seamless support for your machines and a united front to the customer.

Excellent support

Award-winning online video library, consisting of hundreds of short tutorials, broken into dedicated product courses. Free for all customers, but customers under maintenance can request new videos.

Various sales options

Choose to simply refer leads for a finder's fee, or offer your customers full sales and support for a higher margin, depending on your internal resources.

Truly independent

Although we have relationships with many manufacturers JETCAM is a privately-owned company with no financial ties to any machine tool vendor. All partnership relationships are protected by NDA.

About the Partner Program

No sales targets

We don't put commercial barriers in the way of relationships - just a simple, straightforward agreement.

Flexible growth

Start with referring and move up to fully selling/supporting products as you grow your business.


We respect that as an OEM you may have existing relationships with other software vendors, but believe in allowing our OEM partners to recommend the product that fits each customer's individual needs.

Marketing Support

Our in-house marketing staff can help with all of your marketing activities, with all content available for customisation.

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