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For Immediate Release
28th January 2008

JETCAM announces V16 of JETCAM Expert

‘Twice the power of V8’

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. today announced the forthcoming availability of the latest version V16 of its Expert CADCAM and nesting software for all CNC punching and profiling machines.

The latest version V16, under the slogan of ‘Twice the power of V8’,  includes a raft of new features aimed at providing enhanced functionality for interactive tasked and further automation for users looking for semi or completely unmanned solutions. JETCAM will also be increasing the number of end user releases in 2008, ensuring that customers can immediately take advantage of each new feature as soon as it is available.

JETCAM Expert V16’s sequencing routines have been optimised to further improve the cutting path which can considerably reduce the overall cutting time of complex nests. A new reporting engine has also been included to provide comprehensive and customisable reports. A report designer is included, where users can simply drag and drop the required fields or tables of information onto the page. Single component or complete nest images can also be added. Reports of any size or format can be generated, including labels for single label printers.

Further development specific to punching machines has also been announced. Automatic tooling placement logic has been further optimised, providing users of punching machines with the same level of automation as profiling machines. Tools are automatically placed on the component based on highly configurable parameters. This information is then carried through to all related nests – if the component is updated then this is automatically reflected on the nest. ‘Tool teach mode’ further enhances the automatic tooling facilities by allowing JETCAM to ‘learn’ a user’s preferred method of tooling a particular contour.

JETCAM's free form high performance nesting module (FFHPN) for V16 has also undergone further development, with the latest release offering even greater efficiencies. With metal prices increasing even a 1% material saving can quickly mount up to a considerable amount. JETCAM is also offering prospective customers a free ‘nesting benchmark comparison’ whereby they will compare a user’s existing nests with one created through FFHPN.

Commented Martin Bailey, Group Marketing Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; "These features in Release V16, when combined allow a JETCAM Expert system to rapidly become self-sufficient. It intelligently and accurately applies logic so that the whole CAM process can become truly hands-off, especially when JETCAM’s Remote Control Processing (RCP) system is employed. With our knowledge of the complexities of today’s powerful CNC machines this frees the operator for other tasks, maximises machine runtime and reduces material waste. For any size of organisation this level of automation has to be their goal to remain competitive in today’s climate of cost reductions. Companies employing manufacturing efficiency methodologies such as ‘Six Sigma’ will benefit from a system that provides a data-driven approaches to problem solving with a focus on customer impact. Any business purchase has to be justified by return on investment, and JETCAM continues to deliver this in three key areas: material utilisation, machine cycle time and programming time."

V16 will be available for download from the web site in February 2008. Existing customers under maintenance will be able to download the software immediately at no cost. Customers out of maintenance need only to purchase a maintenance contract to gain access to the latest features – there is no additional upgrade price to pay.

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