Automatic Nesting software for fabrication, composite cutting and routing

Choose from rectangular, free-form or high-performance nesting algorithms.

JETCAM Expert has always been renowned for its functionality, flexibility and sheer power when it comes to generating optimised nests. Customers can today choose between four powerful nesting modules to suit their budget and requirements.

Why not put us to the test by sending us some of your parts and your best nest. We'll then provide you with a benchmark comparison, giving you a percentage improvement over your nest. With this figure and your annual material usage you'll be able to estimate how quickly you can see a return on your investment.

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Nesting efficiency saves money

Rectangular Automatic Nesting and High Performance Rectangular Automatic Nesting
Expert Premium users can gain a cost-effective entry into multi-part nesting with RAN (Rectangular Automatic Nesting). Combined with the JETCAM Expert CADCAM software's built in auto nesting module it allows users the ability to easily build (local or externally) a works list of required components that can be immediately processed, with NC code being produced within seconds for multiple nest layouts. RAN users also benefit from a high-performance version - HP-RAN, which allows a runtime to be specified - this can significantly reduce material waste.

Free Form Automatic Nesting
At a slightly higher cost FFAN (free form automatic nesting) delivers a fast, effective free form automatic nesting algorithm, offering affordable yet very powerful free-form nesting capabilities. It represents broadly the current nesting technology, as available from other vendors of nesting software. This gives your business the ability to tackle complex nests with ease, automatically nesting components within components and making substantial savings over less automatic nesting methods. FFAN is suited to businesses looking to take their nesting capabilities to another level at low cost, while maintaining an open upgrade path to JETCAM’s latest and significantly more powerful automatic nesting technology - FFHPN.

Free Form High Performance Nesting
FFHPN takes advantage of today's multi-core processors to deliver highly optimised nests in a fraction of the time required previously.

FFHPN (Free Form High Performance Nester) builds on FFAN’s strengths by applying new, extremely advanced compression techniques to squeeze even more out of any nest, when compared to JETCAM’s second generation FFAN module and other nesting modules available. In most businesses this will equate to such substantial savings, that the module’s cost will be recouped within a very short period of time - sometimes a matter of only weeks. The FFHPN nester can be set to run over any period of time, from seconds to overnight. This allows for the optimum nest to be generated over the most suitable time frame. RAN, FFAN and FFHPN are available as optional extras for Expert Premium CADCAM systems.

FFHPN also includes support for multi-sheet nesting, allowing the algorithm to calculate the best yield for your parts across multiple sheets.

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