Download JETCAM logos

Brand specification and file downloads.

Download the JETCAM logo.

The zip file contains a TIF (CMYK 32 bit depth), PNG (RGB 24 bit depth) and JPG (RGB 24 bit depth) formats. The PNG has a transparent background, which is ideal for overlaying onto other images. Note that this does not include the font used for the JETCAM logo, Microgramma D, which requires a license.


Colours used:


Pantone: 7461
CMYK: C 95 M 37 Y 5 K 0
RGB: 0, 130, 192
HEX: #0082c0


Pantone: Red 485
CMYK: C 5 M 100 Y 100 K 1
RGB: 226, 31, 38
HEX: e21f26


Pantone: 877
CMYK: C 51 M 40 Y 39 K 4
RGB: 132, 136, 139
HEX: 84888b

If you need further assistance with any marketing or branding relating to JETCAM please contact us.

Important: The JETCAM logo is a registered trademark and can only be used with express written permission.