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For Immediate Release
25th November 2015

JETCAM releases new Order Controller software with DXF splitting

One-click DXF nest splitting and automatic CAD 'healing'

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. has released version 1.65 of JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Premium and Premium Automation with two major new CAD import features, aimed at streamlining the CAD file to NC code generation process.

Many companies receive CAD files of components from their customers in a single DXF ‘nest’ file, which has to be split down into individual geometries. JOC now includes a DXF splitter that can automatically extract these entities, applying profile-based rules such as tolerances and whether text within an entity should be used as each filename. The splitting process takes just a few seconds, even for complex nests containing dozens or even hundreds of individual entities. Once split, users can preview each file or the entire nest before continuing the CAD import process to create native JETCAM component files, ready for nesting.

DXF nest splitting software

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JETCAM’s CAM and nesting system, JETCAM Expert, includes a powerful CAD filtering function, which can automatically ‘heal’ common problems. This functionality has been extended and enhanced through to JOC. As with the DXF Splitter, individual profiles can be created which can then be applied to single files or batches automatically. This allows users to create rules to be automatically applied to, for example, a given customer’s supplied DXFs so that common issues can be automatically addressed just by selecting the profile.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager; “The process of moving geometry data from CAD systems to CAM systems can prove problematic for some, with one prospective customer recently telling us he once spent several weeks manually splitting nests for a large order. The latest version of JETCAM Orders Controller helps further streamline the process for JETCAM users. Once profiles have been created a user can take DXFs containing multiple entities, split them, apply filters during processing and then automatically generate highly optimised nests with just a few clicks of a mouse.”

Both new features are included in the latest releases and are available for immediate download from the JETCAM website at no cost to customers with a current maintenance contract.

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