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11th February 2005

Rosengrens feels secure with standard CAM system for all plants

Rosengrens Europe BV has a manufacturing history dating back to 1879. A part of Gunnebo A.B., they manufacture a range of security products (such as safes, vault doors, security doors etc) using a variety of punching and profiling machines. In the mid 1990’s they purchased a Pullmax turret punch press. Programming by hand quickly became a time-consuming and error-prone task, so they purchased JETCAM Expert. This machine was followed by a Finn-Power, two Amadas and a Bystronic laser, all of which were driven by JETCAM. JET-Term DNC was installed to download programs to the machine via PCs on the shopfloor.

Free-form nesting is used to quickly generate complex shape nests. Jos Leusink, Engineer commented; “Our programmers work in a different way to most - we design the parts and create the NC programs as well. We have eight staff trained in AutoCAD and JETCAM, most of which were trained in-house. JETCAM is very easy to learn, requiring only 2-3 days of training. The system is very flexible, letting you work the way you want to. For example, for some processes we will use auto-tooling, but for others we can choose to manually tool if we wish.”

In 2004 Rosengrens, supported by Bemet International B.V., upgraded their three JETCAM Expert licenses to floating licenses. This allowed all eight staff to share JETCAM Expert at various terminals across two offices. H.J. Wittenberg, Engineer, added; ”We only spend about one hour per day programming, so only two or three users need to use the software at any one time. The floating license means that we don’t need to leave our desks, but can have more people using the system when needed.”

One problem that was resolved with the installation of JET-Term DNC was that of identifying parts on the nest. J. Leusink noted; “If we had many parts on a nest it could sometimes be difficult to locate a component. Now we can view the entire nest on the shop floor PC, clicking on each part to view additional information as needed.”

Rosengrens subscribes to an annual maintenance support contract, which continues to add value to their CAM investment. Said B. J. Roesink, Production Manager; “We have seen many benefits through maintenance. There are numerous new features in every software update that we are taking advantage of to further reduce programming time and maximize machine and material utilisation.”

The group continues to expand, with new companies being acquired on average every two years. Rosengrens sometimes acquires machines that are being moved from other companies within the group, and plans to increase the number of JETCAM licenses they have. Roesink finalised by saying; “The decision to standardise on JETCAM was made when the Amada machines were moved within the companies. It makes sense to use a single CAM system. All of our programmers are familiar with just one system. ”

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