JET-Term DNC Terminal Software

Direct Numerical Control and drip-feeding to multiple CNCs.

JETCAM JET-Term DNC Terminal Software

DNC Software

In addition to providing comprehensive DNC facilities, JETTerm can also function as a nest reporting and component identification system for your shop floor.

Download NC files to multiple machine toolsNC Download
JETTerm allows you to transfer your JETCAM Expert NC output files to your machine through either serial IO connection or file transfer if you have a PC at the control. The Remote Download facility allows the user at the machine tool to send serial download requests for NC files directly from the control. JETTerm can also handle multiple serial NC downloads simultaneously and displays real-time download status on screen for each machine serial connection.

The new user interface in version 8 provides users with several view types:

Component Identification
JETTerm 8 aids identification of cut parts on a nest, which in turn facilitates the removal and stacking of like parts, kits of parts, etc. Just select the part number from the displayed list of parts on the nest and those parts will be highlighted in a different colour on the nestview. Alternatively select a part on Pick parts easily from your nests the nestview and the actual part number will be highlighted on the part list.


JETTerm now utilises the same reporting engine found in JETCAM Orders Controller, thus making custom report interchangeable between both applications. It is compatible with existing JETCAM Expert FMS (nest) report files, allowing users to immediately produce reports for all of their existing nests. A custom report designer program is also available, allowing users to design their own reports, with no limit on the number of report designs that can be created.

JETTerm 8 provides machine operators with a simple, uncomplicated interface at the shop floor, delivering a powerful set of DNC, part identification and reporting tools.

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RS232 DNC software

What is DNC?

DNC stands for Direct Numerical Control, and relates to the transfer of NC code from a computer to the memory of a CNC controller. Newer machines are often Windows-based, and therefore allow the PC to be networked, but older CNCs may receive their NC code via the RS232 serial port. DNC software will 'drip-feed' the NC code file - usually text-based via the serial port.