Comparison between JOC Lite II and JOC Premium II

JOC Premium II has several powerful features over JOC Lite II. It supports multiple JETCAM systems, CAD import via SCAP, parametric programming and nest cost estimation. Below is a full comparison of the differences between the two versions.

Description Lite Premium


Works together with multiple Jetcam nesting systems No Yes
Configurable User interface Limited Yes
Integrated information and tutorial videos Yes Yes
Document linking No Yes
Multi-User No No


Jetcam material types master display No Yes
Configurable material type costing information No Yes
Jetcam material stock master display No Yes
Jetcam material stock value display No Yes

Component Geometry Files

Directory based file viewing Yes Yes
Global view of all files Yes Yes
Filter view by material, thickness, machine, revision Yes Yes
Search for files Yes Yes
File information display Limited Yes
File geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes
Show all nests in which component can be found No Yes
Open selected component in Jetcam for editing Yes Yes
Files display sorting Yes Yes

CAD Import

Jetcam Component Automatic Processing supported (SCAP) No Yes
Jetcam RCP automatic processing No JOC PA
CAD file information display N/A Yes
CAD file geometry display (with zoom and pan) N/A Yes
Background CAD processing N/A Yes
CAD processing can be interrupted and subsequently resumed N/A Yes
Supports Jetcam configured CAD converters N/A Yes
Automatic assembly construction during CAD processing N/A Yes
DXF Splitter No Yes
CAD files display sorting N/A Yes

Assembly Management

Interactive assembly construction Yes Yes
Automatic assembly construction from component directories function Yes Yes
Component geometry display with (zoom and pan) Yes Yes
Assembly item information display No Yes
Assembly sub-item revision control Limited Yes

Orders and Nesting

Unlimited orders lists (Worksheets) Yes Yes
Export worksheet orders data No Yes
Import external orders (From CSV files) Yes Yes
Order information display Limited Yes
Component order geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes
Flexible orders display grouping Yes Yes
Ordered components cost estimation No Yes
Cost estimation group totals N/A Yes
Cost estimation worksheet total N/A Yes
Import Jetcam system orders Yes Yes
Copy / Move orders between worksheets No Yes
Open select ordered component in Jetcam for editing Yes Yes
Orders display sorting Yes Yes


Nest database Yes Yes
Nest geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes
Show tooling, clamps, cropping and repositions on nest display No Yes
Tools, clamps and tool change information Yes Yes
Display special tool geometry in tool information display No Yes
Nest information display Yes Yes
Filter nest display by machine, material and/or thickness Yes Yes
Nest report printing (using Jetcam reporting engine) Yes Yes
Nest information export to CSV No Yes
Ability to open nest in Jetcam for editing Yes Yes
Nest costing display No Yes
Nested component identification system (with component costing).
Selected components are indicated on the nest drawing.
No Yes
Nest display sorting Yes Yes

Limited : Indicates that the product has the feature with limited display and/or capability.
N/A : Indicates the item is not applicable to the product.