JETCAM Order Controller Lite

FREE* part and assembly ordering software.

JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Lite provides drag and drop ordering or CSV import of components or assemblies, creating unlimited worksheets that can then be sent to JETCAM Expert for nesting. NOW FREE*.


* Requires a current maintenance contract on the associated JETCAM Expert license.

Key Features of JOC Lite

JOC Lite Simple Setup

Simple setup and help system

User-installable, with only a couple of setup fields to configure, you can be up and running with JOC Lite in minutes. You also have access to the JETCAM University, packed with dozens of short videos covering all core features of JOC Lite (as well as all of our other products).

Assembly creation

Create complex assemblies

JOC Lite allows you to create assemblies with unlimited depth, either by dragging/dropping components or based on directory structure. You can then simply drag and drop complete main or sub-assemblies onto your order sheet, ready to send to JETCAM Expert for nesting.

Orders worklists

Create orders lists to suit you

JOC allows you to create unlimited orders lists, perhaps based on your operators, machines or even days of the week. These can be grouped by material, thickness and machine. Simple interface features allow you to quickly modify large lists of items (such as changing the machine, material, thickness or quantity with a couple of clicks).

Simple MRP integration to work lists

Simple MRP integration

With external import of CSV orders JOC allows you to quickly pull data from virtually any legacy data system. You can configure your CSV import fields, which are remembered for next time.

JOC Lite provides a simple, clean interface that allows you to perform the common task of creating order lists for nesting. With an extremely short learning curve, staff can learn it in minutes. There's also an upgrade path to JOC Premium, as JOC Lite assemblies and orders can be imported. Finally, the nests screen gives you instant access to basic nest information, such as material utilization, sheet size and material type, etc. In the nest vector view pane customers with CNC punching machines can also view claps and tool changes, along with tooling information.

Features List

Description Lite Premium Premium


Can send orders for nesting to multiple JETCAM Expert systems No Yes Yes
Configurable User interface Limited Yes Yes
Free online video tutorials Yes Yes Yes
Document linking - drag and drop documents to associate them with components, assemblies or material No Yes Yes


JETCAM material types master display No Yes Yes
Configurable material type costing information No Yes Yes
JETCAM material stock master display No Yes Yes
JETCAM material stock value display No Yes Yes

Component Geometry Files

Directory-based file viewing Yes Yes Yes
Global view of all files, highlighting appropriate folder as files are selected Yes Yes Yes
Filter view by material, thickness, machine, revision Yes Yes Yes
Search for files Yes Yes Yes
File information display Limited Yes Yes
File vector view geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes Yes
Show all nests in which component can be found No Yes Yes
Open selected component in JETCAM for editing Yes Yes Yes
Files display sorting Yes Yes Yes

CAD Import

JETCAM Component Automatic Processing supported (SCAP) No Yes N/A
JETCAM RCP automatic processing of CAD Import No No Yes
CAD file information display N/A Yes Yes
CAD file geometry display (with zoom and pan) N/A Yes Yes
Background CAD processing N/A Yes Yes
CAD processing can be interrupted and subsequently resumed N/A Yes Yes
Supports JETCAM configured CAD converters N/A Yes Yes
Automatic assembly construction during CAD processing N/A Yes Yes
DXF Splitter - the ability to split a DXF nest into separate DXFs, using text layer for naming No Yes Yes
CAD files display sorting N/A Yes Yes

Assembly Management

Interactive assembly construction Yes Yes Yes
Automatic assembly construction from component directories function Yes Yes Yes
Component vector view geometry display with (zoom and pan) Yes Yes Yes
Assembly item information display No Yes Yes
Assembly sub-item revision control Limited Yes Yes

Orders and Nesting

Unlimited orders lists (Worksheets) Yes Yes Yes
Export worksheet orders data No Yes Yes
Import external orders (From CSV files) Yes Yes Yes
Order information display Limited Yes Yes
Component order geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes Yes
Flexible orders display grouping Yes Yes Yes
Ordered components cost estimation No Yes Yes
Cost estimation group totals N/A Yes Yes
Cost estimation worksheet total N/A Yes Yes
Import JETCAM system orders Yes Yes Yes
Copy / Move orders between worksheets No Yes Yes
Open select ordered component in JETCAM for editing Yes Yes Yes
Orders display sorting Yes Yes Yes
Static nest ordering, allowing you to attempt to fulfill a worksheet using existing nests No Yes Yes
Fully automatic nesting of worksheets containing any machines, materials and thicknesses No No Yes
Progressive nesting, allowing components to be grouped on the nest for easier unloading No No Yes
J.A.N.O.S. nesting strategies, allowing JOC to calculate the best material size for a given order list No No Yes
Component mirroring, using RCP to create and rename mirrored instances of selected parts No No Yes
Component reprogramming, using RCP to reprogram any number of parts for new machines, materials, etc. No No Yes
Create NC output for multiple machines during nesting No No Yes


Nest database Yes Yes Yes
Nest geometry display (with zoom and pan) Yes Yes Yes
Show tooling, clamps, cropping and repositions on nest display No Yes Yes
Tools, clamps and tool change information Yes Yes Yes
Display special tool geometry in tool information display No Yes Yes
Nest information display Yes Yes Yes
Filter nest display by machine, material and/or thickness Yes Yes Yes
Nest report printing (using JETCAM reporting engine) Yes Yes Yes
Nest information export to CSV No Yes Yes
Ability to open nest in JETCAM for editing Yes Yes Yes
Nest costing display No Yes Yes
Advanced Reports, with included Reports Designer No Yes Yes
Batch nest reporting - build a single PDF report containing information on multiple nests No Yes Yes
Nested component identification system (with component costing). Selected components are indicated on the nest drawing. No Yes Yes
Nest display sorting Yes Yes Yes

Limited : Indicates that the product has the feature with limited display and/or capability.
N/A : Indicates the item is not applicable to the product.


Q. How do I install and configure JOC Lite?

A. Just download it from the Customer Area, run the installer (which takes less than 30 seconds to run). Open the software and specify your JETCAM folder along with your component base directory (or directories). That's it! You'll then have access to all of your JETCAM Expert component and nest files, and will be able to create assemblies and worksheets of orders to send for nesting.

Q. How do I update from a previous version?

A. Run the same installer - it will update your source files but will not affect your components, assemblies, orders or nests.

Q. What can JOC Lite do?

A. It's key feature is the ability to create order lists that can then be sent to JETCAM Expert for nesting. These can be created in several ways - dragging and dropping of one or more components or complete assemblies (with unlimited sub-assembly structures), or through CSV file. It also provides fast navigation of your components and nests, the ability to generate nest reports and one-click opening directly into JETCAM Expert for editing.

Q. What versions of JETCAM Expert does JOC Lite work with?

A. JOC Lite requires the associated JETCAM licenses to have the Nesting Interface. A nester is technically optional, but required to get the best out of your system. So, JETCAM Expert Lite with FFAN RO (Free Form Automatic Nesting with Read Only Databases) or Expert Premium with Nesting Interface would be required.

Q. Can I import my order list from JETCAM, work on it and send it back?

Yes! Just right-click on the orders grid and select 'Load JETCAM orders into this worksheet'.

Q. Does JOC Lite provide Runtime Estimation information?

A. Yes, to a basic level. Above the selected worksheet you will see the runtime estimation of all parts. As you add parts the RTE will increase. The accuracy of this will be dependent on your JETCAM Expert setup. JOC Premium also displays runtime estimation for nests.

Q. Can I upgrade from JOC Lite to JOC Premium or Premium Automation without losing my assembly data?

A. Yes. Your components and nests will be read from your JETCAM Expert system, and your JOC Lite assemblies can be easily imported.

Q. Is JOC Lite completely free to use?

A. Yes, as long as your JETCAM Expert license is under maintenance, JOC Lite is one of several products that are free to use.

Q. I previously purchased JOC Lite. Should I upgrade to the free version?

A. If you are under maintenance, then yes, as JOC Lite 3.00 contains feature enhancements and bug fixes. You will no longer be charged maintenance on JOC Lite either (regardless of whether you choose to update to the new version or not). If you decide to cancel maintenance you can downgrade to JOC Lite v2.00 (the previous version before JOC Lite became free), as version 3.00 and above will not function without maintenance. Please contact your reseller to obtain the installer for this.

Q. I previously purchased JOC Lite. Do I receive the standard version upgrade discounts?

A. Yes. You'll only pay the difference between JOC Lite and whichever version of JOC Premium you choose. Ensure that you have your serial number to hand. Contact your reseller for a quote.

Q. Can I install multiple copies of JOC Lite for use with one JETCAM Expert license?

Yes. You could use JOC Lite as a component and nest viewer across your network, but note that multiple users sending orders for nesting is not recommended.

Q. What support does JOC Lite come with?

A. As a free product we do not provide free technical support for JOC Lite, however it is extremely unlikely that you would require it! JOC Lite's only interaction with JETCAM Expert is to send orders for nesting. All other functions are internal and read-only. There is a comprehensive course of videos in our University that all customers can access free of charge.

Q. The previous JOC Lite required a dongle. Does the new version require one?

A. No. You can install and run the software immediately, and JOC Lite does not need to reside on the same PC as JETCAM Expert.