Nesting and IoT automation software

Congratulations to the Innoptus Solar Car Team

Winners of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023

Built using JETCAM Expert and JETCAM Orders Controller, with High Performance Nesting. Read the press release.

CrossTrack for composite material life tracking


Estimate how much nesting software can save

JETCAM Expert delivers a demonstrable return on investment in three key areas. Use our free online calculator to estimate how much you could save. Request a free nesting benchmark comparison to get your percentage saving.

Nesting and IoT automation software

CADCAM, Nesting & Industry 4.0 software for composite/sheet metal.

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I’ve simply never had another purchasing decision that was as easy to justify as JETCAM. If we were to compare the payback on any other purchase, such as a new CNC machine or autoclave the payback would be nowhere near two weeks, and no other purchase has had such a positive environmental impact either.

Capricorn Composite GmbH

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Manufacturing Automation Software

Reduce material waste

High performance nesting often pays for itself in months or even weeks. Options for rectangular and true-shape nesting.

Increase CNC throughput

Optimized NC code for hundred of different CNC brands, covering, punch, laser, combi, knife, waterjet, plasma, oxyfuel and more.

De-skilled processes

Through capabilities such as line automation and simplification of processes staff are freed up for other tasks. Errors are also significantly reduced.


A global network of resellers, support for hundreds of CNC machines, backed up by online video tutorials in the award-winning JETCAM University (free for all customers.

Industry 4.0

Complete the IoT automation feedback loop within your manufacturing facility and benefit from ERP/MES integration and better reporting data.

On-premise/remote access

As many of our customers serve the defence industry we ensure your data remains on-site, with the option for wide area access if required. Cloud hosting also available.

CNC technologies supported

CNC Punch press nesting software


CNC Laser nesting software


CNC combination machine nesting software


CNC waterjet nesting software


CNC Knife cutter nesting software

Sonic Knife

CNC plasma/Oxyfuel software

Plasma / Oxyfuel

CNC router software



When nesting efficiency is only part of the story

White paper nesting efficiency kit sorting

Balancing material efficiency and kitting speed on the composite shop floor with progressive nesting.

Our latest white paper explores balancing material efficiency against kitting on the shop floor. Many of the savings made by efficient nests can be offset by the time it then takes to unload them for kitting. This white paper explains and demonstrates different nesting strategies that allow you to find the perfect balance of efficiency against time. Read it free online now.

What you'll learn:

  • The economic importance of efficient nesting, and how it can pay for itself in months or even weeks.
  • Static nesting versus Dynamic Nesting - the balance between efficiency and flexibility
  • Progressive nesting - balancing efficiency with operator convenience
  • Hybrid progressive nesting - the best of both world, allowing a sliding scale between efficiency and ease of unloading
  • How different nesting strategies compare, with a real-world example of material consumption per strategy
  • Sharing nesting data with other systems

Read the progressive nesting white paper

JOC Lite now free

JOC Lite now free

JOC Lite allows users to quickly populate JETCAM Expert's orders list with orders remotely.

Now free, you can either drag and drop components or complex assemblies onto unlimited worksheets for sending to JETCAM for nesting. CSV import allows for fast integration with MRP/ERP systems.

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CrossTrack for Composites

Track location, life and consumption of composite material (to ply level), from delivery, in/out of the freezer and through cutting, layup and the autoclave. Full automation for CAD import, perform static or Just-In-Time dynamic nesting, and generate traceability reports in seconds. With cut scheduling, tracking of layup tools, and more. IoT-ready, with tight integration with ERP systems.

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Composite pre-preg management software
Order management software


JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC)

Premium Automation

Sheet metal users can benefit from a streamlined CAD import and nesting process, powerful nest batch reports, component reprogramming, static nest ordering, and more.

Low cost, fast installation and short learning curve.

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Free Nesting Benchmark Comparison

Send us your best nest from your existing CADCAM software along with DXFs of the items nested and we'll provide you with a comparison with our nesting software. How much would just a 1% saving per year make to your business?

CrossTrack for composite material life tracking

Case Studies:

Which punching, laser, plasma, waterjet or knife cutting machine do you have? Read case studies of existing users here.

Manufacturing Industry Awards

Winner - Motion Controls Industry Awards 2019
IT Europa 2016
CAMX Ace Awards Finalist 2019
AI Awards Finalist 2016
Technology Innovator Awards 2017
CIO Review 2017
Composites UK Winner 2013
European Enterprise Award 2017


Pre-preg composite material manufacturing guide

How software can streamline the processes of working with life-based materials

Working with pre-preg composite materials delivers many benefits to the finished product, but this is often offset by challenges during the manufacturing process, making composite parts more expensive than their traditional counterparts. ERP systems often do not accommodate the unique requirements of a composite shop floor, so what are the common problems and what can you do about it?


Guide to pre-preg composite material manufacturing software
White paper improving CNC laser efficiency with software


Making your laser fly

Automation through software

The purchase of a new fiber laser is not an insignificant one. Yet often companies will overlook the relatively inexpensive cost of appropriate CAM and nesting software that could get significantly better performance out of their investment. Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM explains techniques that can squeeze more performance out of your CNC laser.