Case Study: OMAX Corporation

Manufacturers of CNC waterjet machines

OMAX Corporation, based in Kent, Washington manufactures high end waterjet machines under both OMAX® and MaxiemTM brands. Many of the machines’ components are manufactured using waterjet technology. While the company’s own CAM software provided a workable solution OMAX were looking for ways to reduce programming and machine setup time while also reducing material waste. They selected JETCAM Expert nesting software for OMAX, and saw material savings of up to 25%. Machine setup time was reduced by 25%, as more complex nests now required fewer sheets.

"We find JETCAM very easy and powerful to use. As we expand we will train more people to use the system. With the savings we made in both time and material the system paid for itself within three months. It saves us time, and time is money."

OMAX nesting software

Machines in use:

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