CrossTrack Composite Manufacturing/Tracking Software

What do you need?

CrossTrack is available as a material/kit tracking version or the full manufacturing suite. Both systems provide industry-leading traceability, with simple integration into existing data systems. Choose a version to suit your needs.

Material & Life Tracking

CrossTrack Material Tracking Lite

CrossTrack Material Tracking Lite provides a complete location and life traceability solution for rolls of material and kits.

  • Available to purchase or on a low monthly subscription
  • Track material location and life
  • Barcode or RFID support
  • Track kit location and life
  • Comprehensive traceability reports
  • Multi-user
  • Low cost
  • Runs on MS SQL Server Express (free)
  • Does not need to integrate with nesting system
  • Upgradeable to the full CrossTrack suite

Full Composite Suite

CrossTrack Composite Manufacturing Software Suite

The award-winnig CrossTrack suite provides an end-to end shop floor interface, tracking material, material life, orders, nests, plies and kits.

  • Track Material location and life
  • Track kit location and life
  • Barcode or RFID support
  • Static/Dynamic nesting
  • Cutting Scheduling
  • Traceability to ply level
  • Runs on MS SQL Server
  • Comprehensive traceability reports
  • Multi-user

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