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4th January 2021

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JETCAM and Airborne to create digital interface for automated kitting

Integration provides seamless data exchange for automated kitting of composite plies

In response to significant demand from the market, JETCAM International s.a.r.l. and Airborne jointly announce a collaboration on integration between the Airborne’s Automated Kitting solution and JETCAM’s CrossTrack composite material tracking software.

Automatic ply picking and kitting machine software
As plies are unloaded their location and the kit's status are automatically updated in CrossTrack.

The integration ensures seamless data exchanges between the two systems as plies are unloaded from the cutting table and then automatically sorted into ordered kits by the Airborne’s kitting system. As the operator loads each ply to the kitting machine it is scanned and its shape identified, along with its stacking order. The robot sorts, sequences and stacks all subsequent plies until the kit is complete, automatically updating its status within CrossTrack without any user input. When the completed kit leaves the buffer its location status is updated, completely automating the process from cutting through to moving onto layup.

CrossTrack is an advanced material tracking software package, that ensures that composite materials are tracked from the freezer storage until curing in the autoclave, on an individual ply basis. By connecting the Automated Kitting software to CrossTrack it is ensured that this fully automated step is also fully digitally connected. The interface is based on CrossTrack Web Services platform, which allows any external app to safely and securely exchange data with CrossTrack, with triggers and alerts also ensuring that data is automatically exchanged when an event occurs, such as a ply’s location or status changing. All transactions will be logged automatically in CrossTrack’s traceability logs.

The connector will be available as an option for companies wanting to connect Airborne’s Automated Kitting solution with JETCAM’s CrossTrack composite software.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; "Many companies move from producing static single kit nests to using nesting software, creating highly efficient dynamic nests, often containing multiple kits. However, this leads to bottlenecks at the cutter as staff try to unload and sort plies into kits, often removing some or all of the material savings made. With our relationship with Airborne and their kitting technology and experience, companies can have the best of both worlds, with highly optimized nests that are quickly and automatically sorted."

Said Arno van Mourik, CEO of Airborne; "We see from our clients that automating the kitting process has two main business drivers: one is to reduce cost and secondly, it creates much more flexibility and control in a digital factory. To capture those benefits, it’s crucial to be connected to the software systems our customers are using. Therefore we are thankful to JETCAM for this collaboration to create the digital connection between the software solutions of both companies."

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Founded in 1995 and headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands, Airborne is a technology leader in advanced composites. We are specialised in automation and manufacturing of high quality composite products for a variety of markets, such as Aerospace, Marine, Renewables and Automotive and Consumer Goods.

With our 25 years heritage in composites, we help our clients with improving the efficiency and flexibility of composite manufacturing, either by supplying automation and digitalisation solutions or by providing the service of manufacturing. Airborne’s focus is on industrialisation of the manufacturing of high-end composite products, at high production rates and radically low conversion costs.

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