Press Release
For Immediate Release
14th September 2016

JETCAM shows Expert nesting, JET-Cut and Line Management software

Includes right angle shear improvements and better nest searching

JETCAM will be showcasing for its flagship nesting software, previewing new features, as well as demonstrating its new line management and scheduling software at Euroblech – Hall 14, stand L29 between 25th – 29th October in Hannover, Germany.

Significant improvements and configuration options have been added to JETCAM’s Right Angle Shear (RAS) logic, resulting in higher quality parts when repositions are required. RAS sorting buffer logic has been added to allow parts to be unloaded in a predefined sorting bin list. The exit direction of special tools such as forming tools can now be specified to prevent collisions. Automatic Turret Nesting (which prevents the creation of nests with more tools than the capacity of the turret) has been enhanced, along with various improvements to JETCAM’s High Performance Nesting. JETCAM’s new interface benefits from dozens of tweaks, including a new main menu which now features recently opened components and nests, and improved nest searching capabilities.

JETCAM will also be offering customers a preview of its forthcoming ‘JETCut’ grid-cutting functionality which can drastically decrease the cutting time of complex components by reducing the amount of deceleration/acceleration that the laser has to perform.

The new Line Commander application is capable of driving multiple lasers, while automatically loading/unloading material and will be demonstrated publicly at Euroblech for the first time. This allows laser cells to run completely unmanned overnight, and is already in use by dozens of companies around the world. A number of other updates to JETCAM’s ancillary products will also be featured at the exhibition.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager for JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; “The European market, and Germany in particular, has always been important to us, and this year we’ve been investing heavily in it, with the expansion of JETCAM Composite GmbH in the region. These latest enhancements and new products demonstrate our clear direction of total automation that is not just available for larger companies. Any size company can take advantage of these features to help them remain competitive.”

The booth will be hosted by JETCAM Composite GmbH.

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