JETCAM Order Controller Premium Automation

Full automation from CAD import to NC code, powerful component reprogramming, and more.

  • Instantly see your cost per nest or per part, with one-click export to Excel

    Instant nest costing

    Instantly see your cost per nest or per part, with one-click export to Excel

  • Automatically import and process files for different machines, materials and thicknesses.

    Automated CAD Import

    Automatically import and process files for different machines, materials and thicknesses.

  • Reprogram entire directories of components for new machines with just a few clicks.

    Auto reprogramming

    Reprograme thousands of parts for different materials or even new machines with just a few clicks.

Full automation from CAD file to NC code.

JETCAM Orders Controller Premium Automation (JOC Premium Automation) utilises the power of JETCAM Expert's RCP (Remote Control Processing) to effectively turn your nesting system into a 'black box' engine - automatically processing instructions. It includes all of the features of JOC Premium, but completely automates common tasks for users with multiple CNCs.

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Change the way you work from interactive to automatic:

Automatically tool CAD files during import for multiple machines.

Auto import/tooling of CAD files for multiple machines

'Setup and forget' - within JOC Premium Automation's machine setup you can specify various parameters, such as whether a part should be tooled for a given machine, if auto-tooling should be used, etc. Once set these will be automatically applied each time you perform CAD import or nesting.

Supports multiple JETCAM Expert licenses

Auto-nest for different machines, materials & thicknesses

With JOC Premium Automation you can create unlimited worksheets, which can include a mixture of parts to be made out of any material and thickness for manufacture on any machine. Clicking Send to JETCAM will cycle through all of your order, keeping you updated of progress on-screen.

Assembly management with revision control

Tight integration with MRP

Whether you need to get data in or out, it's easy with JOC Premium Automation. For component creation you can import a CSV detailing your CAD files, required quantities and machine to nest for. You can also import order lists directly into your worksheets, and export completed nest information, including costings, meaning that as soon as orders are generated from your MRP system you can have ready-to-us NC code in minutes.

Drag and drop ordering

Option for scheduling/line management

JOC Premium Automation offers tight integration into JETCAM's Line Commander, delivering complete cell automation of loading, cutting and unloading. Drag and drop nests into the schedule list and see real-time status of jobs being cut based on tight integration to the PLC. (Please contact us for details of supported hardware).

Static nest ordering

Static nest ordering

Quickly check an order list against your existing database of nests to see if you can partially or completely fill a demand. Select nests that contain some or all of the ordered components, include filler parts and modify the number of sheet runs of each nest to immediately see if you need to re-nest or use existing ones.

Find which nests contain one or more parts

J.A.N.O.S. and Progressive Nesting

(JOC Automation Nest Optimisation System). Cycle through various settings across multiple sheet sizes to calculate the most efficient size for your nests using JETCAM's own material stock, a separate list of sizes or dynamically test sizes in increments . Progressive nesting allows you to group items on the nest by assembly, order ID or custom data, striking a compromise between nesting efficiency and unloading speed.

JOC Premium Automation continues on the ethos of JETCAM Expert - as interactive or as automatic as you need to be. Need to edit a component before nesting? No problem - just right click and select Open in JETCAM. Want to automatically import CAD files but have more control over your nests? Key stages prompt the user of the RCP settings in use and offer the ability to override them where appropriate.

By adding JOC Premium Automation to your production facility you can continue to de-skill and de-mystify the process of programming your CNC machines.

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