Document Linking in JOC

Provide staff with easy access to files using drag and drop.

Link documents of any type to materials, components and assemblies

JETCAM Orders Controller's (JOC) document linking allows you to drag and drop any type of doucment to create an association with a material, component or assembly, providing staff with a single point of access for all relevant material.

Document LinkingInstantly see number of associated documents

The grid views in materials, files and assemblies show you in the 'paperclip' column how many documents are associated with an item. Clicking the info button on the left shows a list of the documents. double-click to open, or hover over to see the full path.

Document Linking typesAny file type - instantly accessible

Any file that you can open can be associated - whether it's a DXF drawing, a quality inspection PDF or a Works Order word document. Each file type uses the default application icon to give immediate visual reference as to the file type.

Document Linking typesLink once - always accessible accessible

Create a link to a given file and the link to that file is visible even when it's used within an assembly. When linking a document to a file within an existing assembly you can specify to link just to that assembly or the source file, ensuring that it's always available for future assemblies.