Case Study - Gazco Limited

Gazco Limited (now Stovax Gazco), based in Exeter, Devon, gas fires and stoves, and Redfire range cookers with its 130 strong workforce. In 1997 they purchased a Trumpf 180. Selecting JETCAM Expert nesting software in 1998, they found it much easier to use than other systems benchmarked, 100% reliable NC code being generated every time. Material stock has been reduced, as Gazco can now nest components on any available material size. Staff were able to learn the system quickly too, with new users able to design and program parts within 90 minutes.

Said Jim Stevens, Production Director; “Prior to this point we had no experience of operating a punching machine, let alone programming for it. I embarked on a benchmark of several systems, which quickly boiled down to two major UK vendors, one of which was JETCAM. Quite frankly, the other system we evaluated frightened me because of its complexity.”

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