Press Release
18th August 2008

Piemme Arredamenti reduces programming time by 30% with JETCAM

Integration with SolidEdge and ERP system saves further time

Piemme Arredamenti, based in Tuscany, Italy manufactures specialist furniture for supermarkets, shops and offices. They purchased an Amada LC2415 laser in 2006 along with an Italian CAM system recommended by the machine tool reseller, however the software proved unstable, complicated to use and did not generate accurate NC code with the programmers often having to manually amend it.

Amada laser

In 2007 they decided to evaluate the CAM market. Their main requirements were the ability to import batches of files from SolidEdge automatically, integrate the CAM into their MRP and generate accurate NC code. They finally selected JETCAM Expert, provided by local reseller SGR Consulting.

Two licenses of Expert 1 and one Expert Premium were installed in March 2008, with three staff being fully trained over two days. The Expert 1 licenses were used for converting and manage geometry. The Expert Premium license included free form nesting capabilities. Said Marco Primaveri, Owner; “Immediately the problem of poor NC code was removed as the JETCAM postprocessor generated accurate code every time. The system itself was also stable; never crashing or generating errors of any kind.”

Efficient CAM nest

Programming time overall was reduced. Previously each part could take up to 10 minutes to program, whereas now cutting information can be applied in seconds. Piemme Arredamenti are also taking advantage of JETCAM’s SCAP (Single Component Automatic Processing) facility, which is available across all of their licenses. This allowed them to automatically batch import CAD files and apply tooling, ready for nesting, which could also be achieved fully automatically within seconds. This achieved an overall reduction of around 30% over the previous system.

Piemme Arredamenti had some preferences to the output of the NC code, which were made by SGR as the postprocessor did not have to be modified by the developers. SGR also provided integration between JETCAM and SolidEdge, allowing for one-click export of CAD files.

Integration was also created between JETCAM and the company’s ERP system by SGR through a custom-designed interface which communicates to JETCAM’s open architecture orders and materials files. Orders loaded on the ERP are automatically available for processing by JETCAM.

Piemme Arredamenti took advantage of a JETCAM maintenance contract, which allows them to upgrade from v15 to v16 at no extra cost. Tighter integration into ERP is planned, and JETCAM will be driving a recently purchased Amada Apelio combination machine, and may also be used for 2D cutting on their CNC wood routing machine.

Marco concluded; “We were impressed with the possibility to run so many different types of machine with one system. JETCAM is very simple and fast to use. We have just ordered an Amada Apelio II combination machine with load/unload, which will also be programmed using JETCAM.”

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