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16th 2007

JETCAM showcases Expert Nesting v16 at Fabtech 2007

New RCP automation, sequencing and high performance nesting on show.

JETCAM reported a substantial increase in interest for its CAM and nesting software at Fabtech International, in Chicago, IL after unveiling details of their forthcoming V16 release.

JETCAM Expert CADCAM and Nesting Software

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Under the slogan of ‘Twice the power of V8’ the product was showcased at booth #16142. This was manned by US reseller NestOne Solutions, demonstrating the latest JETCAM Expert for CNC punching and profiling machines. Also shown was the latest release of FFHPN (Free-Form High Performance Nesting) module, which can deliver material savings of 10-15%.

Automation was also a main focus, with JETCAM’s RCP (Remote Control Processing) demonstrating a ‘Black Box’ philosophy. JETCAM Expert is supplied with a list of assemblies or components from an external application (such as an MRP system). It then automatically tools, nests and generates NC code for the required number of parts. Many companies are now taking advantage of RCP, tightly integrating it with their existing manufacturing systems.

In version 16 punching users will also see several significant benefits. Sequencing has been further optimized, delivering a faster overall punching time. Common line punching can be intelligently and automatically applied to parts, which adds a further reduction to punching time while saving additional material. Remnant nesting will allow customers to build a database of partly used sheets which are then automatically selected when a suitable nest is available. Automatic tooling also includes a teach mode whereby JETCAM Expert learns user preferences and selects future tooling based on previous experience.

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Martin Bailey, Group Marketing Manager commented; “While we read in the news every day that the US economy is suffering, nobody told this to the attendees at Fabtech! We experienced an extremely healthy turnout with companies very interested to talk about investing in efficiency and automation.”

JETCAM also held a customer appreciation event on Monday 12th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, immediately after the show. Existing customers were given a preview of several key features in v16, due for release in Q1 2008. Mike added; “Several companies used this event to clarify points with our technical staff prior to placing orders for upgrade modules such as FFHPN and RCP. A couple of companies that attending which were running older versions were also encouraged enough to immediately update to the latest version. I would also like to personally thank all of the companies and individuals who joined us that evening.”

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