Press Release
For Immediate Release
25th June 2013

JETCAM looks to expand global dealer network for CrossTrack

JETCAM looking for new dealers in the composite manufacturing market

Following on from the foundation of JETCAM Composite GmbH, JETCAM International s.a.r.l. today announced plans to expand its composite-focussed reseller network for its CrossTrack Composite Management suite.

The move is in direct response to increased global interest from companies manufacturing with composite materials in CrossTrack’s real-time end-to-end tracking of materials, material life, plies, kits, orders and nests.

CrossTrack is an SQL-based composite manufacturing suite in use by various companies such as Bombardier Aerospace. It works in conjunction with JETCAM’s award-winning high performance nesting software to provide complete automation and traceability. As soon as materials are delivered they are added to CrossTrack – staff can then immediately see the status, location and life of any given roll. CrossTrack intelligently recommends the best material to use, based on life, condition (e.g. in/out of freezer, defrosting etc) and nesting efficiency. Staff can queue orders for automatic nesting and operators can then queue the resulting nests for cutting on the shop floor. After cutting the plies are compiled into kits ready for layup, and CrossTrack maintains complete traceability back to the original material roll(s).

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager; “In order to meet anticipated growth we are actively seeking companies with experience in industries such as aerospace, wind energy, marine and medical that work with composites and demonstrate a passion for delivering excellence at the highest level. These companies will ideally already have experience in composite manufacturing and an understanding of software automation on the shop floor. This is an exciting opportunity for companies looking to expand their product portfolio with a system that provides a demonstrable and fast return on investment.”

Interested parties can use the JETCAM contact page to request further information.