Press Release
For Immediate Release
25th April 2013

JETCAM joins A.D.N. (Autodesk Developer Network)

Announcement follows launch of Inventor CAD interface for JETCAM

JETCAM today announced that it has joined the Autodesk Developer Network (A.D.N.). The move follows JETCAM’s release of a free CAD interface for Autodesk Inventor users.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager for JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; “We are seeing a growing trend of mutual customers where there is a strong desire to automate. We’ve already put solutions in place to deliver this but wanted to formally strengthen our relationship with Autodesk. Joining the A.D.N. is the first stage of this, and we will be placing further efforts into integration between our products.”

“Autodesk is excited about this new partnership with JETCAM that brings cutting edge sheet metal fabrication technologies to our manufacturing customers through close integration with Autodesk Inventor”, said Jim Quanci, Director, Autodesk Developer Network. “Through this partnership, we look forward to tighter integration between JETCAM and other Autodesk products including Vault, PLM 360 and Fusion 360.”

Existing users of JETCAM Expert with a current maintenance contract can log into JETCAM’s download wizard and download the CAD interface.

AutoDesk Developer Network Member

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What are CAD Interfaces?

CAD Interfaces are small software applications that convert one CAD format to another, usually as part of an import process into another application. This is useful when customers want to exchange data but may not both own the same software package. The most commonc CAD format is DXF, so many will want to convert from proprietary formats to DXF to ensure that others can read the files.

Where to download JETCAM CAD Interfaces

JETCAM provides a number of CAD interfaces for customers, all of which are available to download from the JETCAM Download Wizard at no cost. A valid maintenance contract is required. For existing customers that do not have a login this can either be requested through our website or through your local JETCAM distributor.

Once downloaded, run the installer. JETCAM Expert will now recognise the appropriate CAD file format when performing the import process. CAD filters can also be applied automatically, 'healing' any issues with the CAD file, such as entities that do not connect or converting lines to arcs.