Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 2012

Free sheet metal part costing application

JETCAM International today announced the availability of a new application that allows existing users to quickly cost sheet metal components based on material and machine runtime costs.

QuickCost free sheet metal part costing software

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QuickCost, available free for all existing JETCAM Expert users with a current maintenance contract, is user installable and automatically detects configured machines and materials from the JETCAM system. The user specifies their hourly machining rate and material cost per kilo, and setup is complete. JETCAM geometry files can either be dragged/dropped from Windows Explorer into the app or the user can browse and add files through the app itself. As soon as files are added their unit cost is immediately displayed. Quantities can be changed to show a total cost, and a cumulative total of parts and cost is detailed at the bottom. Where a part contains tooling for multiple machines the user can quickly select another machine to display the part’s cost.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; “This is a great tool for users that want a quick ‘sanity check’ on part costings, and will also help our customers to provide quicker quotes to their customers. Customers using Expert 1 can automatically import and tool any number of components and then drag/drop them into QuickCost for immediate prices. Expert Premium users have an additional benefit of being able to automatically tool parts for multiple machines, allowing immediate cost comparison of different manufacturing types. These can then be exported to Excel – and all of this within seconds.”

Key features:

Existing customers with a current maintenance contract can either download QuickCost from the JETCAM website or obtain it through their local reseller.

A note about costing accuracy

QuickCost is designed to provide an instant rough estimate of cost based on single component information available. It does not take into account information such as material scrap of the entire nest, common cutting etc. It is entirely suitable to provide a quick calculation of approximate costs based on material prices and runtime of a single component. For more accurate costing and estimating JOC Premium or Premium Automation takes full advantage of the information generated by JETCAM Expert during nesting to provide far more accurate runtime estimation.