Press release
For Immediate Release
31st January 2007

JETCAM around the world in 2007

Opportunities to see JETCAM in UAE, Holland, Spain, US, and more

Manufacturing companies will have a greater opportunity than ever to see the benefits of CADCAM automation and efficiency with JETCAM Expert around the world as JETCAM announced details of trade events that their products will be exhibited at.

JETCAM has listed the events on their website on their tradeshows page, with the most immediate shows being:

Commented Martin Bailey, Group Marketing Manager; “Manufacturers are looking for new ways to remain competitive and to get the utmost efficiency out of their existing CNC equipment. By reducing programming time, machine runtime and material waste companies are seeing a return on investment in a matter of weeks. This is something that is much easier to demonstrate in the face-to-face environment of a trade show.”

Additional trade show locations will be published on the website in the near future.

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