Press Release
For immediate release
21st November 2005

Post show review: JETCAM sees success at Fabtech 2005

Increased interest in material efficiency

In a post show review JETCAM reported a substantial increase in interest for its CAM and nesting software at Fabtech International, held in Chicago, IL.

The booth, which was manned by JETCAM’s US reseller, NestONE Solutions, was also shared with Camtek, thus providing a one-stop software shop for virtually all cutting methodologies.

JETCAM demonstrated the latest release of JETCAM Expert for punching and profiling applications. Also shown was the latest release of the FFHPN (free-form high performance nesting) module, which can deliver material savings of 10-15%. Automation was also covered, with JETCAM’s RCP (Remote Control Processing) demonstrating the JETCAM Expert CAM system being supplied a list of assemblies from an external application, then automatically tooling, nesting and generating NC code for the required number of parts.

Martin Bailey, Group Marketing Manager commented; “This year we saw a marked increase in the importance placed on efficient nesting and speed of cutting. With labour, material and energy prices forever rising manufacturers are look for methods of reducing programming and machine cycle time along with improving material utilization. One customer that purchased FFHPN saw a return on investment in just over four weeks, while another has quoted that they are saving $5000 on material per day.”

Press note: See Cimbria case study on for details on the above ROI example on FFHPN.

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