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17th December 2003

JETCAM Expert v15 announced at MACH 2004

New features include revision control and remote control processing

JETCAM International Ltd, Monaco. JETCAM has announced that it will be demonstrating the latest version of its sheet metal fabrication CADCAM software, JETCAM Expert on the Press and Shear stand at MACH 2004.

Version 15 now includes substantial improvements for laser users. These include mass skeletal destruction, intelligent lead-ins, heat avoidance and common-line cutting, each of which ensure that parts are made quicker and at a higher standard of quality while optimising machine cycle time and saving material.

As many companies are taking advantage of local and wide area networks, JETCAM Expert has now been enhanced to offer better networking and file handling. Revision control has been included to allow for nests to either us a fixed revision or dynamically update as parts change, without the operator having to remember which nests contain modified components.

Integration and automation is becoming increasingly important, especially in larger organisations, or companies fragmented by geography. JETCAM has developed a module that allows virtually any application to remotely process parts for nesting. RCP (Remote Control Processing) allows JETCAM Expert to be used as a ‘black box’ to automatically generate nests and NC codes remotely. RCP also works with the existing JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) module.

JETCAM Expert has also recently benefited from a new optional nesting module, which delivers even further enhancements over the existing free-form nester. FFHPN (Free Form High Performance Nesting) often achieves an additional material saving of several percent, which over the course of a year can save companies tens of thousands of pounds, effectively paying for the module in months, or even weeks. It uses a time-based nesting algorithm. This allows users to run the nester overnight to get the absolute best performance nest.

JETCAM Expert has been developed and distributed worldwide by JETCAM International Limited since 1986. JETCAM products are sold and supported in the UK by Press and Shear Limited, based in Tamworth, Staffs.

For more information and product images/screenshots contact Martin Bailey, Marketing Manager for JETCAM International Limited on 0870 760 6469.

Press and Shear Ltd, based in Tamworth, Staffs, offers the complete range of JETCAM composite and sheet metal software products in the UK. They support all cutting technologies, including punch, punch/laser combination, laser, plasma, waterjet, oxyfuel, router and knife cutters. Online demos are available on request.

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