Press release
For immediate release
28th Juy 2003

JETCAM launch new high performance sheet metal nester

Time-based nesting alogorithm can pay for itself in months or weeks

Click here for a hi-res image of the free form nesting outputJETCAM International Limited has today announced the launch of a new nesting module that can significantly improve sheet utilisation. In initial tests the Free-Form High Performance Nester, or FFHPN has delivered material savings of up to 9%.

The new nester uses a high performance algorithm that can be configured to run over a pre-set period of time, such as overnight, to generate the optimum nest within a given time period.

Said Ivan Stern, CEO of JETCAM International Holdings Limited, “In an economy where companies are looking to improve production performance with minimal outlay, software is playing an increasingly important role. Users are able to gain substantial improvements in terms of both capability and cost-effectiveness without having to invest heavily in new machinery. FFHPN will play a major part in helping companies to reduce material costs further, and in most cases will pay for itself in months, if not weeks.”

FFHPN is available for purchase on all new systems or as an optional upgrade to existing customers.