JETCAM first to support Wilson Wheel on Trumpf Punching machines

Press Release
17th January 2003

JETCAM nesting software first to support Wilson Wheel on Trumpf Punching machines

JETCAM International Limited, has announced support of the Wilson Wheel forming tool for the Trumpf 200 and 500R punching machines, allowing users to yield large speed advantages over other forming processes.

Wheel tools have become standard over the last few years for part forming, especially when using thin sheets up to 2mm. Until now any CADCAM software for Trumpf users did not support the Wilson Wheel, however the Wilson Wheel can now be used on most Trumpf punching machines.

The usage of the Wilson wheel is ideal for long formings and for steps on the sheet. It can be use on materials from 0.8mm to 2mm and, depending on material and thickness can be used to roll sheets up to 50 metres per minutes. Users can form different lines, contours, arcs and circles and have no marks when one contour leads into another.

To keep the programmers effort low, the wheel was integrated in such a way, it could be controlled like a laser. The wheel can be controlled at different heights and speeds of up to 50 metres per minute

Standard Wilson Wheel support is available for Trumpf 200 and 500R machines used in conjunction with JETCAM Expert v14.07 and above from March 2003 free to all existing JETCAM users with current maintenance contracts. An enhanced version of the postprocessor is available for purchase to handle roll arcs/contours etc. Support for other Trumpf machines, such as 260/260-rotation laser and 240 rotation, 600L, 2000R, 2020R, 5000R and 6000L is currently under development.

Digital screenshots and pictures are available for download here (5MB).