Case Study: Lund Brothers Limited

Lund Brothers, based in West Sussex, UK, founded in 1898 is one of the oldest sheet metal manufacturing companies in the UK, and has been a user of JETCAM Expert since 1998, driving a range of Wiedemann punch presses.

While essentially happy with the system they were tempted to try a competing system in 2001 offered by their MRP provider. Said Nigel Standen, Director; “We were offered the other system at a very low price - the same as the annual maintenance for JETCAM. We took it, letting the maintenance contract slip on JETCAM. The operator was trained, yet he still kept coming back with issues and limitations, such as the limited tool library and inaccurately tool selection during auto-tooling. The product itself turned out to be very basic, with a price quoted to upgrade every time we needed a specific feature. It was simply less fluid than JETCAM”

Machines in use:

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