Press Release
For immediate release
19th July 2007

Lund drives latest Amada punch technology with JETCAM CAM software

Lund Brothers, based in West Sussex, UK, founded in 1898 is one of the oldest sheet metal manufacturing companies in the UK, and has been a user of JETCAM Expert since 1998, driving a range of Wiedemann punch presses.

While essentially happy with the system they were tempted to try a competing system in 2001 offered by their MRP provider. Said Nigel Standen, Director; “We were offered the other system at a very low price - the same as the annual maintenance for JETCAM. We took it, letting the maintenance contract slip on JETCAM. The operator was trained, yet he still kept coming back with issues and limitations, such as the limited tool library and inaccurately tool selection during auto-tooling. The product itself turned out to be very basic, with a price quoted to upgrade every time we needed a specific feature. It was simply less fluid than JETCAM”

After the trained operator left CNC Programmer Alan Newell took over the programming for the CNC punches in 2004. He said; “I had also been trained on the other CAM system, but I was taught how to use JETCAM by Nigel in half a day. After this the other product just stayed in the drawer as JETCAM is just much easier to use, even though at the time the version we were using was several years older than the other system. JETCAM is more accurate in the selection of tools that it offers you to tool a part, and tooling is applied to the geometry, not the nest. This means that if we make a change to a part all the nests that use that part automatically reflect any changes.”

In 2006 Lund decided to purchase an Amada EM2510 punch press with load/unloader. Added Nigel; “I asked Alan to make a choice first on the two systems in-house. Once that decision was made I could decide whether to use one of those to drive all machines, or to run them in tandem with the software offered with the Amada. At that time JETCAM did not have a post for the new Amada and we had initial concerns that they would not be able to drive the machine fully, however JETCAM assured us that there would be no issues. It was also significantly cheaper than the other offering”.

Alan added; “JETCAM’s automation scored higher than any other system I’ve used. Because some products require several types of form tools it is important the tooling data is set before going through the scheduling and freeform nest parts of JETCAM Expert. I like the fact that I can dip in at any stage to manually make changes. Adding parts manually to a semi-completed nest using bump nesting is particularly good. It was not a difficult decision to make.”

The new postprocessor was installed, along with the free-form nesting module and MRP facility. A maintenance contract was also put in place, allowing Lund to download the latest version of the software. The installation was performed onsite in one day, with the machine punching metal immediately.
After the acquisition of another business and the subsequent relocation of staff, Lund purchased a second license and a floating server license in 2007, allowing staff across the network to use the software.

With plans to purchase a CNC laser machine in the future Lund Bros see JETCAM Expert as an integral part of their manufacturing process. Nigel concluded; “The first license paid for itself within the first six month of use and we are seeing even more benefits with the second license and the new automation through nesting. JETCAM is by far the easiest software that we’ve looked at. You can program from 0% to 100% by hand or automation - it’s up to you, not the system.”

Benefits achieved:


1 - Amada EM2510 punch press with load/unload
1 - Wiedemann Centrum 3000 punch press

Software installed:

2 x Expert Premium with MRP, Free-form nesting on a floating server license

Download hi-res pictures for this case study (18MB) Lund website