Press Release
For Immediate Release
4th January 2013

Goetze drive Trumpf, Bystronic and Foracon punch, laser and waterjet technologies with JETCAM Expert nesting software.

The Walter Goetz Company was founded over one hundred years ago. With over 100 employees, the company provides subcontract services producing all types of semi or fully finished metal products for prototypes or small/medium sized production runs. To deliver this the company has continually purchased and upgraded a wide range of CNC cutting machines, employing a mix of laser, waterjet, punching and combination punch/laser technologies spanning several manufacturer brands.

In the mid 1990's, Mr Stefan Burghard, Managing Director, discovered that programming the machines was becoming a bottleneck within the business; “We had three different CAD/CAM systems in use programming the machines. It was a significant effort when, for example, a new job had to be re-programmed for another machine if a machine was unavailable due to workload or maintenance. In addition, it took a long time for staff to learn to use all three systems. If a programmer was away due to illness or holiday some production areas would stagnate because other programmers would, again, need training time on the respective software - this was time that we did not always have.”

In the attempt to commit to a single CAD/CAM system it quickly became clear that it was simply not possible to use the software supplied with each machine brand to program other machines from different manufacturers, so the company researched the market for software that could drive a wider range of brands and technologies.

During this research Mr Burghard came across JETCAM. “The system impressed us from the beginning. It is simply and logically built, so that new co-workers find their way easily in a very short period of time. Suddenly I could buy any brand of machine without having to worry about the programming process. We would simply order a new Post Processor, and nests which yesterday would be running on a Trumpf Laser, would today run on a waterjet with a mouse click.”

As newly purchased machines became more complex the software was adapted to take advantage of the new features. A fully automated Trumpf Trumatic 6000L with SheetMaster could be controlled with the same precision and ease as the previously manually loaded TC500.

Mr Klein, head programmer remembers: “We programmed the Bystronic Bystar with its proprietary software for a while. Even though it was a reasonable system it was still an isolated solution that was not economical. Moreover, I was the only one that could operate the system, and as a result in busy periods we simply had a lack of flexibility.”

The company decided to buy a postprocessor in August 2010 for the Bystronic. At this point all of the company’s machines could now be programmed by each of the two programmers.

Mr Burghard added; “This has proven to be by far the most economical solution for us. We keep our system up-to-date through updates and any programmer can control all the machines with the same quality. When we want to introduce new people to CAD/CAM programming we can train them in-house and have them up to speed in an extremely short time.”

In regards to service and support, Mr Burghard is satisfied that not only was the software able to support all of their technology, but that when they needed assistance it was readily available. He concluded; “When we get new machines we simply purchase a new postprocessor and have staff trained on how to programme for any new features. The interfaces to our 3D CAD system are kept up-to-date through regular updates. Detailed technical questions and problems are resolved quickly between our programmers and technical support, allowing me to devote myself entirely to our customers and the development of my company.”

Software: JETCAM Expert Premium