CADCAM Automation through materials and order management

The auto-nesting module for JETCAM Expert on its own provides a powerful materials and order management system. Couple it with products such as JETCAM Orders Controller for creation and management of complete assemblies, or by integrating it with your existing MRP system and you have a fully automated order management system.

This can be taken further still using JETCAM's Remote Control Processing (RCP) module, which completely automates the generation of optimised nests and NC code - the existing MRP system can automatically populate JETCAM's materials and orders databases, with RCP automatically applying tooling, nesting the correct components per machine and material type, creating a highly optimised nest (both in terms of material utilisation and cutting path optimisation) and generating NC code that is then placed in the desired location, ready for the operator to download to the machine's control.

Materials and Order Handling

JETCAM's auto nesting module, an option for all Expert Premium systems, can be easily integrated into virtually any existing Production Control software. It controls JETCAM Expert's ability to control parts (orders) and materials used within the system's automatic CADCAM nesting modules - rectangular automatic nesting, free form and high performance nesting modules.

Some MRP software, such as 123insight have built in integration directly within their product to automatically populate JETCAM's materials and orders databases when orders are placed that use a JETCAM allocated resource.