Parametric Programming of Sheet Metal Components

Dynamically create 'scalable' parts using JETCAM's powerful automation.

Companies that manufacture 'scalable' products such as doors, windows or hatches can benefit greatly from JETCAM Parametric Programming options.

Parametric programming software for sheet metalParametric Programming is the process of automatically creating and tooling a component based on a fixed number of variables. For example, a door frame might consist of holes at fixed distances from the top/bottom for hinges, but the door itself may vary greatly in size.

JETCAM's Parametric Programming option allows you to write powerful scripts that prompt the user to enter basic information in order to create a part.

This can be extended further with our Automatic Parametrics module, allowing a sequence of parametric programs to be executed - perhaps generated by an external system such as MRP - thus drastically reducing the time required to create and tool components for nesting.

Case studies on parametric programming

There are many companies around the world using JETCAM's parametric options. Two such examples are Elkuch Eisenring, based in Switzerland and Howe Green, based in the UK.


Elkuch Eisenring

Elkuch Eisenring

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Elkuch have been using JETCAM for over 25 years, are parametrically programming all parts using an in-house Oracle database system, with Automatic Sheet Processing then tooling the sheet and destroying the skeleton with one click.

Howe Green

Howe Green parametrically program Trumpf combination

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JETCAM Expert was the only system available that could provide the level of parametric part generation required to drive their Trumpf CNC punch/laser combination machine. This case study was commended in The Manufacturer Awards 2008.

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