JETCAM Partners and Associates

Covering the sheet metal/composites industries

JETCAM works and partners with various companies and associates to provide integrated CAM, nesting and automation solutions for both the sheet metal and composites industries.

We are always open to partner with or integrate our products with other vendors. If you are interested to discuss how our products can connect please contact us.

Partner with us

Partners and Associates


Developers of MRP, ERP and CRM software, with integration to JETCAM Expert.


Composite cutting room (ply picking) unloading machine, integrated directly with CrossTrack.

Aligned Vision

Laser guidance systems for the composite cutting room (ply picking) and layup (ply placement/FOD detection).


Developers of software and hardware solutions for complete automation systems.

The Aquilla Group Inc

Developers of high-end Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), with tight integration to JETCAM Expert.


Developers of 2D/3D CAD software systems


Developers of 2D/3D CAD software systems


Manufacturers of CNC Sonic Knife Cutting Systems.

LVD Scandinavia (Pullmax), Sweden

Manufacturers of CNC Punching machines.

Mitsubishi Electric

Manufacturers of CNC laser machines and automation cells.

Technology Italiana, Italy

Manufacturers of CNC Punching machines.

OMAX Corporation

Manufacturers of CNC Waterjet Cutting machines.


Developers of CAD software systems.

Prima Power OY

Manufacturers of CNC Punching, Laser and Combination Machines.


Developers of ERP software.


Manufacturers of CNC press brakes.

Siemens PLM (covering SolidEdge and FiberSIM)

Developers of CAD software systems.


Developers of CAD software systems.


Manufacturers of RFID scanners, barcode, scanners, printers, etc.


Developers of cloud-based machine monitoring and asset management software.

We partner with all major CAD system vendors to ensure compatibility when exchanging CAD files with JETCAM Expert nesting software. CAD interfaces are available to download from our Download Wizard free of charge, but require a current maintenance contract in order to function and receive periodic updates.

Siemens partner - nesting software

AutoDesk Develoment Network

Solidworks Solutions Partner

OMAX compatible nesting software

We're always interested to connect!

Our aim is always to ensure that customers can benefit from the tightest integration between our products and third party systems. By streamlining and, wherever possible, automating data exchange we can continue to simplify and de-skill the processes behind driving your CNC equipment. Products such as CrossTrack also connect seamlessly and easily with existing systems (ERP, MES, etc.), and we are always open to talking with vendors to make sure that data exchange for the client is never an issue.

For hardware vendors such as manufacturers of CNC punch or profiling machines we can develop new postprocessors extremely quickly. Our Technical Support staff will be happy to discuss support for new machines and additional technologies such as material loading and unloading, or for processes further down the manufacturing line.